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Michele Zelvis's Answers

Can they come after my house?
What state are you located in? This would depend heavily on wether or not it is a shared property state and also on the type of debt that they are trying to recoup. Obviously if you aren't on the loan or title AND you are not in a shared property state then the answer is no. At that point the house would not...
I have a 810 credit score, can put down 20% on a house up to 200,000 can I get the best morgate rates if the house is a manufactured home on a permanet fondation? The house was built in 2009.
I would shop around a little bit when you are talking about manufactured housing. Many mortgage companies have "overlays" for manufactured housing that include a RATE INCREASE of anywhere from .125 to .750 percent. It can never hurt to make an educated decision. Good luck!
If I pay off my truck loan and 2 credit cards off,how much will that raise my score?
There are many variables that go into calculating your credit score, payment history is typically the most important followed by amounts owed. The credit cards play an important role in that they affect amounts owed, length of credit history as well as types of credit. The best way to explain this is by...

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