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Natasha Wall's Answers

Question selling to family
The lending rules have an "identity of interest" section that require a minimum of 15% down if the parties are related..which in this case they are. The exception to that rule is if the borrowers rent the subject property for a minium of 6 months (with proof of rental history)...then they can do minimum down...
are VA rates typically lower than other programs?
A VA loan does generally have a more agressive rate and lower APR than FHA, USDA & Conventional loans. I would be more than happy to assist you with your specific financing questions when you have them. I can be reached at 303-907-9813. Have a great day!
Can I refinance an fha to rid mip with a conventional loan
Hi Joe,yes, you can refinance a current FHA loan to a new loan that is Conventional and eliminate your mortgage insurance. In order to have no mortgage insurance on the new conventional loan, your loan to value must be at 80% or less. (there are some cases where clients loan to value is 90% or less and we can...

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