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Great Loan Agent!
Nevin has been a wonderful and dedicated loan agent. My husband and I just recently purchased a home and worked closely with Nevin to ensure that we got good rates for what was out in the market. The understanding level of really how the loan process works and how the interest rates works were very confusing for us at first until Nevin offered to get on the phone with us at 9:00 in the evening and ease our worries. In depth explanation he gave us was by sharing his computer and really digging down in to explain every detail and make sure we understood. We had a couple of bumps in regards to submitting over the correct documents over to the Bank to get our loan approved. We were so scared that we were at risk for our new home not to close literally the next day like it was supposed to. Nevin jumped right in and made sure that it happened and communicated with everyone accordingly to make sure it worked out! Truly a great man and a great person to work with!!!
By Ashley on November 5, 2013
Mr Williams was great. Quick to respond and very helpful. I recommend him highly. If he can't help you he will find another professional to do it
By rogjo_418_435 on April 18, 2013
Audrey Means
Nevin was very helpful when I was trying to decide if I should refinance my present mortage.
By maudre_258_159 on April 4, 2013
Nevin Williams endorsement
I was referred to Nevin by another realtor as I moved to Cary,NC from Chicago. I have had horrible experiences with realtors in the past and in my mind compared them to used car salesmen. Thank god I met Nevin. He was a thorough as any professional I have ever dealt with, credible, knowledgable about the areas and had a list of contacts for other professionals if I needed any recommendations. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Nevin because it will be the best decision you will make with the biggest purchase you will ever make, a mortgage. Hope this helps you make your decision easy.
By donald_360_373 on March 22, 2013
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USDA Rural Home Loans – Eligibility

USDA loans are popular loan program because they do not require a down payment, a great way for first time home buyers to be able to afford a home of their own. USDA loans require at a minimum that:

  • The homebuyer meet annual income limits.  USDA Loan Income Limits for Raleigh NC for a family of 1 to 4 persons is $91,850.  For a family with more than 4 members in the Household the USDA Income Limit for Raleigh  is currently $121,250.  This is total combined income from everyone living in the home including social security income/pension income.


  • The property be in a USDA eligible area which is usually considered a rural area.  With the explosion of growth in the Raleigh Durham area many areas that were once considered rural will no longer meet USDA requirements


  • A minimum of a 580 credit score


  • No late payments in the last 12 months.


USDA has a map that show the areas that are eligible and ineligible. However, thanks to the 2010 US Census Maps for Raleigh NC and surrounding areas will be changing soon.  According to the USDA Eligibility site; “Property eligibility for housing programs will change to 2010 Census data on 12/01/14, barring Congressional Action to extend current eligibility.”

Not so fast.  The Agricultural Act of 2014, page 213 states the current maps will stay in place until after the census of 2020.  The bill passed the House and Senate so many think this is the final ruling. So which one is it? 12/1/2014 or 2020?

If you visit the USDA Rural Development offices, their information states “Barring Congressional action, USDA will begin using the 2010 Census data to determine eligible rural areas for Rural Development housing programs on December 1, 2014.”  There’s one more twist to contend with.  On September 22, 2014 USDA changed the maps.  This update confirms which neighborhoods go into effect December 1, 2014.

Based on the new USDA eligibility maps the following towns will no longer be eligible for USDA financing December 1, 2014:

  • Apex
  • Clayton
  • Durham
  • Fuquay Varina
  • Garner
  • Holly Springs
  • Knightdale
  • Wake Forest

Below is the link to the current USDA Loan Eligibility Map for the Raleigh NC area.  The yellow areas are not USDA eligible.

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