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Nick Fratini's Answers

Recently divorced and got the house in the settlement
Yes, you need to refinance to regain sole title of the property and mortgage. Please call me when you get this at 610-344-9988 or 484-557-3794. Our office is right outside of Delaware in West Chester, PA. Thanks!Nick Fratini
Any insight on how the whole co-signer process works?
FHA is the way to go on this case! You can have your daughter cosign with you and should be able to go up to 96.5% financing. Give me a call at 610.344.9988 so I can help you today!
Switching to an FHA home loan
Hi John,There are many different options available to you, and FHA is definately one of them. Please give me a call at 610-344-9988 for a free loan consultation.NickAcre Mortgage & Financial, Inc
I recently was appoved for a FHA loan to buy a property but the seller hasn't fixed anything and the closing in scheduled for next week and I am thinking about backing out of the deal. If I back out of the deal will I be able to use the FHA loan to purchase a different property?
Hi Jacqueline,Being that you were already approved for FHA loan means you are in good shape. You are still eligible for a FHA loan being that you never actually settled on the above property. Please give me a call at 610-344-9988.Nick Acre Mortgage & Financial, Inc
Term Length?
I would like to help you. Please give me a call at 610-344-9988.Nick FratiniAcre Mortgage & Financial, Inc
First time home buyer first steps?
It sound slike you have a good idea of how to start the process. I have some ideas for you and am not to far from Horsham. We are located in West Chester, PA. Please call me at 610-344-9988 to speak about your search. Thanks!
Should I refinance to a 7/1 ARM if I pay approx 40% over the payment every month?
You are asking the right questions as far as arms go. This is a tough one to answer being that you are unsure how long you are going to stay in your home. The rates on arms are going to be a good amount better then what you are paying now, but the flip side is noone has any idea of where rates will be 7 years down the...
What is a USDA home loan and how can it help me for my first home?
Bill. USDA has the potential to be a great loan option for you. I would suggest speaking to a mortgage professional more extensively to see if that is the best program for you as well as getting an idea of what loan amount/sales price you might qualify for. If you would like to speak more about your home...
Merge two home loans
Hello, Are you living in one of the properties you are looking to hold the mortgage on? FHA allows you to go up to 85% Loan to value as a cashout refinance if you are living in the one you would want to refinance. The issue that you are running into seems to be a value issue. If you owe more then what the house is...
Can I do a streamline refinance on an FHA condo if approval expires and is restored?
yes you can. I am in West Chester as well and would like to speak with you about it. You can reach me at 610-344-9988. Thanks!Nick F.
what are the requirements for a va irrrl with no appraisal?
pretty simple. Give me a call at 610-344-9988 to go over it. Our office is located in West Chester, PA. Thanks!Nick
do conventional loans have pmi with 5% down?
yes we offer 5% down payment loans where there is no mortgage insurance as a conventional loan. Nick FratiniAdvisors Mortgage Group, LLCwww.advisorsmortgage.comphone #: 610-344-9988
Are any lenders approvig fico scores of 690 for conventional loans?
Yes Joe we can do a conventional loan with a 690 credit score. I am located in West Chester, PA and am licensed in NJ, DE, PA, and MDGive me a call at 610-344-9988Thanks!Nick

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