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Nik Green's Answers

Re-fi property as owner-occupied primary residence then moving out and renting it as investment prop within a few weeks of close?
Hi Jennifer,Like Tim said, "This is fraud. You will be signing forms at closing that your not likely to read, but they state that you live in the property and intend to live there for at least 12 months." Fraud is nothing to mess with! Your current Loan Officer shouldn't be telling you that is okay. You might...
Can I get a usda mortgage for manufactured home
Hi,You can get a USDA loan on a manufactured home if it is brand new or it has a USDA loan currently. Talking with a loan officer about your situation might help you get a better idea in where you stand. Thanks,Nik
is it possible to combiene closing costs in with my mortgage principal?
Dan,Yes! Everyone on here is correct! However, Sherri Sherpy gave you the best information. You always want to look on how it will benefit you long and short term!If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Good luck!Nik Green 612 222
My Ltv on my mortgage is under 50%, Do I qualify for a harp refi
There are two web pages to check. you go on these two websites and enter you info you can figure out if you are eligible.Do you qualify is a different story. That depends on your credit, income and everything. If you are...
I want to refinance my house I was discharged from chapter 13 on May of this year never missed a paynment on that or my house loan
Whatlnor594,It depends on your credit, income and home value. You have to make sure you paid all payments like you have. Also, rebuilt your credit. Also, might need letter explaining why you filed Chapter 13! It Is worth a look. If you have question you can email or call me. ThanksNik GreenNMLS#1080243
Anybody offering a refinance where an appraisal is not a requirement? Want to refi my loan that closed in May 2013.
Do you have any FHA loan? Please contact to discuss. Thanks,Nik GreenNMLS # 1080243

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