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I've been helping borrowers like you purchase or refinance since 1986. After starting off as a mortgage broker, I joined The Provident Bank in 1988 and haven't looked back.

I specialize in FHA and conventional loans. FHA loans are great for borrowers with small down payments and/or weak credit, while conventional loans are typically suited for borrowers with stronger credit and down payments of 10% or more.

The bank carries traditional 30 and 15 year fixed, but also offers bi-weekly products which pay off faster, saving thousands of dollars in interest and rapidly building equity in your home. Our 20 year bi-weekly product is especially appealing, as the total interest over the life of the loan is about half compared to the interest paid on a traditional (monthly) 30 year fixed.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM's) offer lower initial rates for fixed periods of 5, 7 or 10 years before adjusting annually, and are best suited for borrowers seeking lower payments during the first several years of the mortgage, or those planning to move within 5 - 10 years.

My job as a Loan Officer is to get your application approved with the best possible terms. I'll take the time to walk you through the entire process. I stay with you from application through the closing date---you won't be left struggling with processors, underwriters and closing staff trying to decipher the mortgage process. I work with your Realtor and attorney to get the loan approved on time and closed.

My cell phone (732-239-0030) is the best way to reach me. It's on from 9AM to 8PM seven days a week. I look forward to helping you finance your home.

Doug Hutchins

"Financing the American Dream, but only in New Jersey!"

(and Eastern PA)

It has been a pleasure to work with Doug Hutchins from Provident Bank. He was the key to making the whole process of buying a house go smoothly. He answered all our questions promptly. I would most certainly work with him again.

Michele Barron

May 2010

My family and I have worked with Doug for multiple financings over the last decade, which encompasses some of the most challenging points in the financing markets.  He has proven to be knowledgeable, responsive and proactive about the mortgage and financing markets.  His value added advice has been a very important input in framing the finance choices that were best for us.

Michael Fitz

May 2010

We first met Doug over 15 years ago.  He helped us purchase a home that without his help would have been a stretch for our budget.  He also gave us a refrigerator magnet with his contact information and his picture.
After a few year of looking at Doug's face whenever we wanted a snack, we contacted him and he was able to help us refinance at a much lower rate.
Many snacks later, Doug's face was still smiling.  We wanted to build a retirement home.  Doug helped us take the equity from this home to pay for the new one.
Three times we've been to the well.  Three times we have gotten great service and great advice.  The magnet is still holding up well.

Thanks Doug.
Dick & Cathy
February 2010

Thanks so much Doug!  You have been so helpful during this process and made doing this remotely so easy. We really appreciate it.
Mike Weingard
Feb. 2010

I recently purchased a home and my mortgage is held by Provident Bank.  I would like to personally commend Doug Hutchins for all his hard work helping me secure my mortgage.  Doug worked with me on 3 potential home purchases with me.  Doug answered all my questions and explained the process of securing a mortgage; possible grants and tax deductions.   Doug answered every phone call; email and voice mail in a timely manner.  He worked with me, the attorney and title company to the very last minute before closing.   His expertise in his field made me, the first time home buyer, comfortable and confident with the process.  His support through the process was exceptional and I would recommend him to any potential home buyer.
Thanks Doug....
Joyce Thompson-Railey

Jan. 2010

I'm a married father of three living in Wall Township NJ. Originally from the great Midwest I relocated to NJ in my early 20's and worked in the music business before landing in the mortgage field at age 27. I enjoy spending time with my wife, watching my kids grow, and the occasional round of golf or a trip into New York for a show

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