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Nora Smith's Answers

Washington Mortgage Law?
Not necessarily. Give me a call when you have a chance and we can discuss the specifics.Nora Smith425.282.0552
Being a single parent with an income over $85000 a year, can I get a loan with a fico score of 620?
Knowing just the basics, YES! However, we have to take other compensating factors into consideration to determine your true qualifications. Feel free to call me any time to discuss further in depth. 425.282.0552
Would lenders be willing to loan to credit score 510?
Possibly... It would depend on why her credit score is a 510. I would be more than willing to look into it further for you though! Please feel free to contact me. 425.282.0552
what are my chances with a 550 fico?
You might have a chance to get financing even with a 550 fico. Give me a call!425.282.0552
What is a typical origination point to pay? Is 1 considered to be good?
1% was standard in the past however, these days, most lenders out there (including myself) don't charge an origination fee at all in order to keep the closing costs down as low as possible.
Loss in Property Value
We are experiencing a seasonal lull in the market which is typical for this time of year. It's actually a great time to be a buyer in the market! You should start to see values, inventory, and competition between buyers start to rise as we approach spring/summer.

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