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Leonard Volodarsky's Answers

do you charge the borrower fees for services? I assume you are paid from the lender. please confirm that no fees for credit counseling or credit repair or removal of neg. items,from credit report. also that your lendersdo not apply similar charges.
Hello,I am a mortgage banker. Having been around a long time, I understand how credit is compiled and how it is effecting borrowers. When someone applies for a mortgage with me, I evaluate their credit report, and if warranted, make detailed recommendations/suggestions on the steps to take to...
Are these any lenders that would provide a loan for my buyer that does not have seasoning issues?
If buyers money in their bank account as they submit it to underwriting, there should not be source questions. If the $ show as a deposit on the statenment, then UW will ask for source.If there is an issue with explaining (mattress or sugar daddy), then its best to wait till next statement is available.
Seller paid down payment?
Hello,Or one more option, that I reccomend to my clients is a GIFT from a family member, friend or such. That will require Gift Affidavit from donor, sourcing the money and verifying it with the copy of withdrawal slip and deposit slip, or bank statements.
For a single-family, primary residence in Greene County, New York, what is the maximum loan-to-value ratio permissible for a conforming, CASH-OUT refinance? Property value is approximately $2700000, existing first mortgagg
Hello,Max LTV for cash-out is 85% and your middle score must be reasonably good. Depending on what your current pay off balance and assuming value is 270K, new loan will be about $ 229,500.Current rates are increadable.Hope this helpsBTW, is your current mortgage FHA or conventional?
What is the lowest rate I can get to refinance?
I strongly suggest you make sure your mortgage payments are in the verifiable form, i.e. canceled checks.Most likely your seller/mortgagor is NOT reporting them to credit bureaus and since you indicated not having any other debt, make sure you have traditional credit established and in good...
If I lose my job, will I lose my house?
This must be your decision!!!Unless you are getting an increadable bargain and can be SURE to be able to sell, if you run out of funds, then slip on it!bank can not foreclose on you, just because you loose your job.BUT, if you do, and use up all or most of your savings and not able to find a job quickly, then.....
What do I need for a mortgage.
Jennifer,You might have good credit score but no credit history/trades.Most lender will require both.The only way to find out is to apply for mortgage with a reputable banker.There should be NO upfront charges of any kind and you should get an answer within 24-48 hours.Then, and only then you will know,...
How can I help my chances of selling?
If you are thinking of insisting on getting pre-approval for a potential buyer, instead of waiting for them to do it, it is a great idea.Hope you are not expecting anything from the mortgage banker/broker in a way of "appreciation"!!!if you have a relationship with a broker or a banker and...
Follow up to question about spouse refinance only
Before paying for appraisal, unless they already got money from you, I would insist on getting complete DISCLOSURE fromn the lender or mortgage broker who took your application on March 14!!!Again, unless you receive full disclosure package, I suggest you do not proceed furtherBestLeonard...
How long after a bankruptcy can I buy a house
According to numerous guidelines, if it was BK 7, it has to be 24 months from the DISCHARGE date, not the filing date.Sometimes, underwriter will make an exception, due to extraordinary circumstances for filing BK, i.e. death, illness etc.With BK 13, it is usually 12 months of TIMELY payments as per...
I make 54k per year and I have a 679 credit score and I'm about to apply for a home loan. The house is 240k can I do it?
Greetings,Give me a call to discuss details. Of course no cost and no obligation.Thanks
If I roll up my closing costs in the loan, will I end up paying interest on those fees?
Yes, Eric,Typical refinance, your closing costs rolled into your new and hopefully lower rate loan.Of course, interest is calculated based on the total, amount of pay off and closing costs.If your new loan has economic benefits, i.e. lower rate and of course lower monthly payment, you should be able to...
self employed loan
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