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Odell G Grant's Answers

Loans under $100,000?
You can do a 203K loan and the process would be much easier and cost less email me at
If I own a business, and pay my self salary, will lender want paysutbs or taxreturn for my REFI?
Depends on the Lender and depth of your writeoff we have several accountant that will give us an idea how much headache that will cause us to get past the underwriter you can email at will get you an answer in 24hours
If you give him Financial he is obligated to give you answer if not you have no me at will find a solution for you.Good Luck
How Long After a Short Sale
You are able to purchase now because you waited for 2years
700 fico, 20 % down,
You are in a very exclusive group.What is the value of the house you want to purchase and are Vetran or First Home Buyer By putting 20% down you are saving yourself alot of Future Equity
combine two mortgages into one
Do have an FHA motgage if you give me a call 4076221660 i am in florida.
Do I qualify for FHA 203K Loan with a credit score of 680?
That is good but there are other things that can make a difference
I have 620 credit middle score, wife has no credit.
Yes you can however depends on your income and debt ratio

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