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Dan Conley's Answers

Do lenders have to lock in your rate before appraisal?
No you do not need to lock in the rate before appraisal. In fact its better if you don\'t lock in a rate until get the final value in from the bank. This will allow for the most accurate pricing in your situation. Let me know if you would like for me to work up a quote with your parameters. I can be reached at...
Can I get a the best possible mortgage rate with a credit score of 737?
The cut off for the best rates are normally at the 740 mark however you can get the same rate at the 720 mark. This is mainly based on the program you chose. So if you're looking at a fixed rate program we can give you the same rate as if you had a 740 and above. We do not hit the rate until you fall under 720. Please let...
If I got preaproved, can I choose another lender without another preaproval?
Absolutely! You can change lenders at any time during the process. My only suggestion is to not order an appraisal from anyone until you have made your decision on which lender you want to use. We will pay for you appraisal here. Please let me know if you would like to discuss in further detail. I can be...
True or False?
This is 100% true
Can my father in law sell his house to me for under Market value? The County appraisal is 600k.
Mary answered that exactly right. I have done several of these loan as of late. I'm seeing the market of these types of seller/ Buyers increase. Let me know if I can answer any questions. If you want you can email me the detail and I can send you a custom quote for the loan. We are currently offering a 4.125% 30 year...
what is today's mortgage rate?
For a perfect scenario on a 30 year fixed you would be at 4.0% no costs. If you would like to discuss further feel free to shoot me an email or give me a quick call. I can be reached at 619-886-3294 or
my mortgage is due Nov 1 but my pay check is delayed so I cant pay until November 3 is that late?
You have 30 days from that Date your payment is due to make a "on time" payment. However if you make your payment after the 15th you will be charged a late fee. So in short just be sure to make you payment by Nov 30th and you will be fine.
Do we have to be home and presentwhen an appraiser shows up?
You will want to be there in order to explain/Sell the details of what you have added in value to the home.
Assuming a mortgage loan
Sarah this is a very common question. If you were on title to the home then you already have vested interest in the house. The fact that you make the payments and assuming that you have paid the property taxes and insurance you also have vested interest in the home. So it will be as simple as you showing proof...
Should we move into a bigger home or buy an investment property?
Although the decision is difficult to address with limited information, I think a general rule of thumb would be to invest in your future retirement prior to obtaining new material possessions. Right now you are likely to get a much greater return on a fourplex investment than you would in the future...
how to make a payment online
The easiest way would be to contact customer service and set up the payment directly through the lender. Customer service should be able to walk you through the process. Another easy way is to use the bill pay feature through your online banking platform. Many major banks actually have direct...
Is the 36 months from the time the BK 13 is filed or from discharge
Typically it will be from the discharge date. As a side note, many times lenders will focus strictly on the bankruptcy dates listed on your credit report. This information can sometimes be inaccurate so it is a good idea to double check this as well as all of the information located on your report on a...
Is there a fee charged or any other obligation if I complete the online application?
No. There is no charge to fill out the application. Just go to and follow the step from there. Feel free to contact me directly as well. 619-785-3888 Dan Conley
do you do manufacture homes and land
We do not do these. These type of homes do not fit our portfolio at this time. I would suggest checking with US Bank.
is there a standard income to loan ratio?
Different scenarios all require a different income level in order to qualify. The story is more of an abstracted point of view based on average consumer debt and median home prices. The main ratio you want to be concerned with is your debt-to-income. In other words take 43% of your gross monthly pay minus...
My wife and I make a combined salary of $125K. How much house can we afford?
Hi Ethan,We specialize in CA properties. As William said above there are a lot of variables involved. Assuming no other debt and being very generic on taxes and insurance, I would estimate that the "most" you would qualify for is approximately $800,000. The best bet would be to give us a call and we could...
short sale and rate
This would have no effect on your credit at this point. So long as you are current on all other credit obligations your score should be above a 740. This would give you the ability to obtain the best rates. Would you like to set up a phone consultation to go over your options?
Where can i obtain the current interest rates mortgage refinance for a 695 credit score in southern ca?
Jimmy, that is probably the most popular question on this site! The truth is that there are a lot of variables that go into pricing out a loan. Even a rate calculator usually won't be able to provide the most accurate answer, which quite frankly is one of the reason us direct lenders and brokers still...
my rate is 4.500% my lender is gonna give me 3.888%.29 year fixed. no closing cost, no charge. whats the catch.
Whats your loan to value and credit score? What you have been offered is a good offer. It's doable for sure. However I believe I can beat that offer if your interested? Give me a call and we can chat.Dan ConleyOmni-Fund619-886-3294

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