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Onyx International Group operates as a Corresponding Lender, JV Partner & Loan Syndicator offering a combination of debt, equity & mezzanine financing for national and international project funding. Onyx has helped residential, commercial and International development clients. Onyx has helped clients with international & domestic line of credit request against their residential & commercial real estate. We specialize in helping Residential & Commercial Domestic & International Development projects, No Doc Loans, Stated Income Loans, Bank Statement Only Loans, Full Doc Loans, Accounts Receivable Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Bridge Loans, Stock Loans, Mining, Hard Money, Energy, Water, Green Energy, Construction, Hotel, Resort, Development, Fix and Flip, Fix and Rent, Limited Doc Loans, Working Capital Loans and more!! Onyx International Group will provide you with the funding your business needs when traditional commercial and development banks will not!
ONYX has Unique Resources, Intellectual Property, Proprietary Knowledge and Information plus Key Contacts with Experience in a wide range of areas in Finance, which allow it to successfully structure its project financing. ONYX works through its international banking channels to facilitate ONYX's JV project financing. This is accomplished by way of monetizing assets such as cash-backed Bank Guarantees; utilizing them as collateral to provide non-recourse financing.

Onyx International Group provides funding for a variety of residential & commercial real estate and non-real estate projects worldwide through several different program options. We are prepared to provide financing assistance in a variety of countries, but for obvious reasons, cannot fund in every country. Before you consider our international lending programs, please be sure that the project is located in an approved country for that particular program type.

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