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Patrick Chicklinski's Answers

can anyone please tell me what a lender credit is. is it like points
A lender credit is when the lender credits you with an amonut of money towards your closing costs. It is differnt from points as points are a fee you pay. Hope this helpsThanks,
Whats the acceptable down payment for a physician loan program
Hello - There are a few different options for you, feel free to visit our website at Thanks,
Can improvements be considered for fha inspection?
Yes, you would most likely be doing a 203K Renovation loan. We do them, reach me at Thanks, Patrick Chicklinski
Reverse mortgages for manufactured properties
We can do manufactured FHA loans, please contact me for more information at www.tulsamortgageteam.comThanks,
i had a short sale in 2010, when will i be able to get another mortgage?
It depends how much money you are going to put down on the new home. 4 years out you are required to put down 10% on a conventional, it looks like you are almost there. If you go FHA, you should be ready now, it depends on the sale dates. FHA requires 3.5% down. Call me for more information 918-946-4218 or website...

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