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Patty Harrison's Answers

are there any lenders that will manually underwrite a Usda loan?
Hello:Yes we can help you. We are a local mortgage broker in Naperville, IL . Our lender will allow up to a 49.99% Debt ratio with compensating factors. Please give me a call or visit my website and fill out a request for more information.I look forward to working with you!
In ILLINOIS with Middle Score less than 640 (632), can I get a FHA Loan?
Yes, we can help you. We work with lenders that will go as low as a 580 score as long as you have cancelled rent checks; at 600 and above rent checks are not always required. Please give me a call 630-788-6200 or vist my website. I look forward to working with you!
Is a cash out refinance better than a 203k loan for small renovations?
Equity line would be best for small renovation then you can use what you need without having to refinance your 1st mortgage; but if you haven't refinanced your 1st mortgage in awhile you may also benefit by the extremely low rates that are out there.
If I got preaproved, can I choose another lender without another preaproval?
Please call or email to discuss your situation. A new lender will want to review your documents to make sure you qualify under their guidelines. We work with 30 different lenders and carry a A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.I look forward to helping you!Best regards,Patty HarrisonSmart Mortgage...
203K Loan question
Hi Janine:Depending on your current value and the value of your home after your renovation, would be the best factor in determining which program that would work best for you. If you would like to call me to discuss options, I would be happy to help you. We work with 203k streamline and full 203k loans as...
i dont have a w2.. is there ANY way to refinance my mortgage?
Yes, your lender may accept a verification of employment from your employer with year to date earnings and 2 years previous earnings. You can also ask your Human resource department for a copy of your W2; they will be able to reprint you a copy. I hope this helps. Good Luck!Patty HarrisonSmart Mortgage...
I received a balloon modification which I have not signed yet and I do not want. its for 19 years and 6800 and at end of the loan
Hello:If you have enough equity in your home, you may also qualify for a Reverse Mortgage which does not require that you make any mortgage payments; just pay the real estate taxes and insurance. If this is something you would like more information on, please call or email me.Beset regards,Patty...
if i have filed bankrupcy in the last six month can i buy a home
Depending on the situation, yes it may be possible to purchase a home. Please email or call me to discuss different options.Patty HarrisonSmart Mortgage patty@smartmtgs.net630-854-3459
can we get refiance after having a modifaction loan several years ago.
Yes, you can. If you would like me to see which programs you qualify for, please give me a call or send me an email.Best regards,Patty HarrisonSmart Mortgage
will i get approved with a 670 credit score, 23% Debt to income
Hello:Please give me a call when you get a minute to go over income qualifications. There's a formula we use depending on household size and county. You can click on the icon next to this response or email me at Thanks,Patty HarrisonSmat Mortgage Centers
can I qualify for a mortgage with a 681 credit score?
Most likely with that score you will qualify as long as your income and everything is in line. If you would like to contact me I would be happy to get you prequalified. We work with lenders that will go as low as a 580 score on FHA loans. I look forward to hearing from you! Patty HarrisonSmart Mortgage www...
Do FHA loan limits refer to max loan amount or max purchase price?
Hi Kevin:It refers to maximum loan amount. If you are looking to purchase a home above the maximum loan amount for FHA, I can offer you other solutions. Please email or call me and I would be happy to help.Best regards,Patty HariisonSmart Mortgage630-854-3459
past rates
Hello:Since these homes were bought in 2007, they may qualify for the HARP refinance program which have very good rates right now. If you would like more information, please click on the logo by my name and give me a little more information so I can help you.I look forward to hearing from you!Best...
Who are the top 5 low interest rate mortgage companies?
Hi Sasha:We are a broker and work with 25 different lenders to offer the best pricing. If you would like to email me with more information by clicking my logo; I would be happy to help you.Best regardsPatty HarrisonSmart Mortgage630-854-3459
Switching loan term from conventional to fha loan how long is the process?
it's not a long process depending on if the appraisal is done or not. If the appraisal has already been completed then the appraiser must be able to do FHA appraisals; otherwise you will need another appraiser qualified to do FHA. If you are switching to FHA due to score and need a 2nd option, please let me...
How can I get my fico from 630 to 730 in the span of a year??
You need to have your credit evaluated to determined how much it will go up. I have seen credit go up in 45-60 days. If you would like me to look at your credit, please click on the logo next to my name and I would be happy to help.Best regards,Patty HarrisonSmart Mortgage
2 years income history at new all commission job to get mortgage??
Hi:If you just started as commision, you would need a non-occupying co-borrower to help you. Please call or email me to discuss this option or other options we may be able to thelp you with. Best regards,Patty HarrisonSmart Mortgage630-854-3459
Are there any mortgage lenders in Waukegan IL who would approve a loan for someone with poor credit?
Yes, we may be able to help you. Our lenders will go as low as 550 on FHA/VA loans. Please give me a call or send me an email and I would be happy to review your credit with you. If we cannot help you now, we can give you ideas on how to improve your credit so you will qualify in the future.I look forward to helping you! ...
What are freddie mac reserve requirements retaining current home?
Hi Sarah:Usually they require 6 months, but depending on equity positin in home it may be less. If you like to discuss, please email or call me to discuss.Patty HarrisonSmart
does fha mortgage insurance cover death
No, it only covers the lender. You would need a separate insurance policy for that. If you need a referral, please email me and I would be happy to help.Best regards,Patty Harrisonwww.smartmortgageinc.com630-854-3459

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