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Paul Hartz's Answers

Jumbo refinance 90% loan to value
Not only can we do this loan, and do it well, but I can ensure the best rate and superior service. Over 21 years experience, and specializing in Jumbo mortgages, I would be happy to help you. 561-768-1891
Can I get the best possible rate on an FHA Loan in Florida with a score of 719?
Mr. Acres hit it on the head. Many factors (risk) are figured into a rate that you earn. the score begins that layering process. Also Mr Gray understands the specifics and the need for a broker. Using a broker will allow them to shop a number of lenders and provide the very best. A bank has one rate and one...
Can I get a FHA loan with my husbands credit score of 588 and my score of 554? We will be putting at least 25% down. There are pre
Yes you can. The purpose for FHA loans are to assist those who cannot qualify conventionally. FHA only requires 3.5% down with credit scores a little bit higher then what you have. We can get your loan approved thru FHA with as little as 10% down and your current scores.I would recommend though you spend just...

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