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Patrick Colligan's Answers

can a bank renege on a loan after the loan has closed using info they have had since the application?
You may be in a spousal right state and they need his signature signing off he has no claim to the property.State laws could overide your seperation agreement as to why this is needed.
can i get a mortgage loan in NC with a credit score of 604?
There are still lenders who will do FHA mortgages with that score.It will really depend on why your score is that low to begin with.'You should have a mortgage company get you pre-approved so you dont have any trouble at the last minute getting your loan closed.
can i go conventional at less than 20% down?
depending on your credit you may qualify for an 80-10-10 loan with only 10 percent down.You can get conventional loans with less than 20% down you just have to have private mortgage insurance on thos loans. You may also qualify for a USDA loan with zero down if located in the right area.

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