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Robert Pinzhoffer's Answers

Wanting a commercial loan for a car lot
Hello There! We specialize in Car Lots and all Commercial Properties. We offer unbeatable interest rates and we're hands-on with our Clients. We're happy to assist you directly and we're located in Florida! Contact us now and let's get started. Ask for Diaky or Robert: 727-318-1353 or email us:...
Can I get a hard loan on a 10 year old 2400+ s.ft DW 4/3 in need of non-major repairs in Bushnell, FL on 1.4 acres??
Absolutely, USA Peak Loans provides this service to many borrowers every week. Please call Diaky Diaz at 727-318-1353 and get started now. I am waiting for your call. Thank you!
What is an Acceptable Debt-to-Income Ratio?
Hello Mary,There are two debt-to-income (DTI) ratios, monthly debt x 100% / monthly income. Number one is front-end which doesn't include housing expenses and the other is back-end that does. You would know your front-end DTI as this would include car payments, minimum credit card payments, other...
If I am on title but the mortgage is not in my name, how soon can i refinance from the last late pay
Good Afternoon, there are no waiting periods on a late mortgage payment as to when you may refinance. However, the answer to your question is a bit more complex, and your question actually raises more questions for mortgage professionals to better understand your situation. 1) What are you trying to...
3 years from foreclosure, and bankruptcy
Yes, you may qualify for a mortgage. Please go to the website, I'd like a chance to speak with you about the different loan products you may be entitled for to.

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