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Peter Costa's Answers

Need advice on selling ot staying put.
Looks like you may want to stay in your home a little longer. Just be careful not to OVER improve the property, you want to have a certain quality of living while you live in home, but be careful not to go too high end on fixtures, appliances, etc.. as most buyers in a couple of years won't recognize the...
How tough is it to get a mortgage in MA with a VA loan?
We are currently doing a VA loan for a self employed borrower and we are using the average of the last two years of income. Unlike any other type of loan, including FHA, one of our lenders are able to qualify you with your current credit card debt since we can use up to 10% of your residual income after all...
VA loan in FLorida
I was not working on this loan myself. I passed it along to a FL broker and they just sat on it and didn't respond. They are a good client of mine and worked on their MA home and want to make sure they get the right service! Thanks for responding.
Why would I have to pay for a subordination agreement if a company owns both my 1st & 2nd mortgage and I'm in process of refi on
That's typical for lenders to charge a typical fee usually $200. Because your with both banks, I would talk with them and insist on the first giving you a credit back at closing if they don't just wave the fee all together. I hate when lenders nickel and dime clients. If you put up a stink with the...
Can I buy an FHA approved condo with a VA loan?
yes, for the most part when FHA approves it through HUD, VA would also apply. We are very aggressive on our VA products and rates. I would be glad to give you a quote. Best wishes, Peter Costa Easy Apps Mortgage,Inc. 617.290.2795 anytime MB182564 | MLO49688
late rent payments affect mortgage?
you will be fine. We are a MA broker that is local and close to you in Plymouth. (Stoughton) We have lenders that will approve buyers like yourself without checking a 12 month rental history. (based on your credit of 710), etc.. I would be glad to help you and go over your specifics. Feel free to contact me...
I am looking to purchase a home but just switched jobs.
Hi Kayla, Congrats on the new job and increase in pay!! We work with this issue all the time and we can use your new income to qualify you. We would use your base pay for the new job as your income. The only difference here being that you are in this job for less than two years, we would not be a able to use your...

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