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I have been in the Mortgage Business for 5 years. I spent 8 years in the US Army Reverse and was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq as a Staff Sergeant. I have a bachelors in International Relations specializing in Economics, and Minors in Economics and Geography. With this education background, I learned to reasearch what ECONOMISTS (not reporters) say about the real estate market, interest rates, and economics from the world level down to the local city level. This is imperative to understand what is truly going on in Real Estate and Money Markets. My education and experience therefore allow me to give highly thought out and educated advice to my clients.
Below is my Bio, which goes a bit more in depth:

Phil Stevenson combines his knowledge, education, and experience with his ingenuity and ethical practice to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients and colleagues in every endeavor. Earning a reputation among his peers and clients as a detail-oriented, organized, efficient and highly disciplined leader, the experienced reverse mortgage advisor's goal is consistent service to his clients. He puts forth full effort and works diligently to complete all tasks in the shortest time frame possible. Family values, honesty, and integrity are of utmost importance to him.

Born and raised in Miami, Stevenson is always taking the lead and trying to find new ways to succeed. With over five years of experience in mortgage processing and origination, Stevenson has a broad understanding of the mortgage process from beginning to end. He joined Mortgage Bankers in 2008 and has been able to excel amidst the largest mortgage meltdown in U.S. history. As a reverse mortgage originator in Miami, he was a top producer for several months during 2009 and 2010 in a company that was ranked #2 in all of Florida and #25 in the entire U.S. in 2010 for Reverse Mortgages. While others are leaving the business, he and Mortgage Bankers continue to succeed.

Stevenson earned a bachelor's in international relations with minors in economics and geography from Florida International University. Studying interest rates, money supply, and amortization tables has given him in-depth knowledge of past, current, and projected issues in the industry. His economics degree gave him a phenomenal knowledge base that allowed for a seamless transition into the mortgage business from the military.

Seniors who are in desperate need for financial help, in danger of foreclosure, and/or seeking alternative ways for retirement planning have seen Stevenson as a shining beacon of hope. Strategically creating relationships with financial professionals, he is able to assist homeowners in the areas of estate tax savings, prolonging the use of or need for retirement funds, and taking advantage of a largely unused asset, your home. As a husband and father of three, Stevenson is dedicated to improving your quality of life, when it matters most.

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