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Mathew is an Arizona native, and has been in the financial services industry for over five years. In addition to helping his clients with their mortgage, Mathew has helped them achieve financial freedom via his work as a consumer debt intervention specialist. Prior to coming on board with The Lending Company, Mathew has owned and managed a debt relief company where he was instrumental in improving his clients' financial health. Aside from providing stellar customer service and professionalism to his clients in the financial world, Mathew is an avid web developer, graphic designer and social media strategist. He has developed a plethora of multimedia platforms for large corporations and non-profit organizations, as well as implement targeted social media campaigns. Outside of work, Mathew enjoys teaching high school students during the fall. He teaches music and marching fundamentals, as well show and drill design for competitive high school marching band programs. He has been teaching for over eight years. At the end of the day, Mathew enjoys playing his trumpet, and spending time with his wife Carrie, his dog Dottie and his cat Tobey.

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