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oManaged loan origination and real estate volume at approximately $134,000,000
oDesigned and implemented website, print media devices, and advertising materials.
oManaged daily operations of branch office functions such as forecasting, budgeting, compliance, accounting, sales tracking, and human resource management.
oMaintained customer relations by providing excellent customer service, consistent communication and follow-up support services after the sale.
oEmployed an advertising tracking system in order to determine what media devices were having the greatest penetration within our target market demographics.
oManaged all crucial timelines with regards to each client's sales cycle with a CRM platform.
oRecognized the monthly top performer through service recognition awards
oEliminated wasteful spending by analyzing all business operations on a quarterly basis in addition to a complete annual audit.
oMaintained accurate pipeline records in order to guarantee 3rd party vendors were completing their tasks in a timely manner.
oFostered positive client relationships in order to obtain referral business.
oUtilized loan origination platforms such as Desktop Originator, Desktop Underwriter, and Loan Prospector.
oIncorporated Calyx Point software systems in order to efficiently maintain all potential prospects and borrowers.
oManaged a sales marketing strategy that was both inbound and outbound. I achieved a closing ratio that exceeded 80% of all direct contact with prospects.
oMaintained a high proficiency of all pipeline reports through the sales cycle in order for upper management to gauge my daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance.
oObtained a high level of understanding with regards to all lender's products, policies, & procedures.
oTrained new hires on the highest and best use sales strategies in order to exceed monthly sales goals.
oRecognized as the branch leader for sales revenue on three separate occasions in twelve month
oRecognized for my creative thinking by executive management for designing and implementing a sales marketing strategy that was competitor based but was outside of the company's normal lead solicitations.
oAwarded recognition honors for sales performance within the South Central District.
oMaintained a high level of proficiency with regards to pipeline management.
oManaged to bring a low performing branch from last position in the Southwest Region to within the top ten branches in three months.
oManaged loan volume production, compliance, customer service, staff functions, vendor retention and the daily operations for the retail branch office.

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