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Reggie Crouse's Answers

is there a min credit score acceptable for fannie loans
Laure,I pretty much concur with the other lenders that answered your question, but would want to ask you some more questions such as; Are you sure you need a conventional loan? There are several programs that don't require a down payment, but each has specific parameters. It would be relevant if you...
What disqualifies you from HARP loan?
.I realize that applying for a mortgage refinance can be a very intimidating experience. I could meet you in Clarksville next week if you would prefer to talk in person or you can contact me on my cell phone number 501-681-5939. My email address is There may be other...
what are hidden fees i should look out for when getting a mortgage
I don't know how anything can be hidden when our initial disclosure packet is around 100 pages. All of those pages are various disclosures regarding fees and interest rates. I think you are being mis-guided by advertising as I don't think you are asking the most relevant question and your question...
Who does VA construction loans?
This is Reggie Crouse, 501-681-5939 in Litttle Rock. NMLS # 990922 AR State Lic. # 104904. We have 2 or 3 options for those.

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