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Keith Geller's Answers

If i upgraded to a higher paying job at a different company 1 1/2 years ago will it affect getting a home loan?
If you are a W-2 employee and have a W-2 from Last job in 2011 and current job in 2011 and 2012 along with year to date pay stubs you should be good to go.What type of loan program are you looking for?
How soon selling home soon after refinance
More details are needed for any of us to give you proper guidance .Keith GellerNMLS # 234585805.358.1116
How much should a normal loan processing or underwriting cost?
All mortgage loan originators have rates available that will give their borrowers money at closing that will pay their closing costs without adding anything to the principal balance. The interest rate can be at par (no credit back) or at a higher rate that offers at premium back to the borrower. This...
Do I need to get pre-qualified if I'm paying cash for a home?
If you are writing an offer on a property, No.Just have your agent show proof of cash when presenting offer. Make sure account number or numbers are blacked out.Hope this helps.Keith GellerRENET Financial805-445-7544

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