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Robert Garagusi's Answers

what document must be signed to reliquish repayment of money gift
Hi Joan,Gift money does not get repaid, otherwise it would be considered a loan and lending guidelines do not allow for this. If you have a donor that will be giving you a gift, then all that is needed is an executed gift letter along with documentation to support the donors ability to give the gift along...
i have a mortage,but want an equity line,would it be best
I recommend Tony Topita. He will offer you a line at no cost to you. His contact info is below. Tony Topita | Vice President | Glen Burnie Office 7405 Ritchie Highway | Glen Burnie, MD 21061410-266-3000 ext 5232| Forbes 2013 | America's Most Trustworthy Companies
Can you get a recission on a recently closed VA loan?
When did you close? Was it a refinance or a purchase loan?

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