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Derick Condron's Answers

There are a few refinance programs that will allow you to waive the appraisal. FHA Streamlines and the new HARP 2.0 which is for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac owned mortgages are the three programs. Other than these you will more than likely be in need of an appraisal.
Options to refinance an underwater rental property?
I would look at contacting our San Antonio branch @ 210.451.7333. Our company does not have an LTV cap on HARP 2.0 loans, depending on your LP findings the issue may be the total outstanding loan vs. Loan limit on the other accounts as well. Freddie Mac's version of the HARP 2.0 is taking some factors that...
I am looking to refi throughout the HARP 2 refinance program.
Crapta,We can help you out on this. We are doing both Freddi Mac and Fannie Mae HARP loans. No LTV Cap and great rates. Call Jason Fremouw @ 602-369-4838. We can close it fast and with out any unwanted issues. www.yourbestloannow.comLook forward to helping you!!
What the typical down payment requirement for an investment property?
Most regular investment property transactions will need to have either 20 or 25% for the down payment. If you find a home that is on and past the first look period you could get that home for only 10% down there will be a slight rate increase and your fees will be much higher but some of my past...
Should I refi using HARP
Sounds like a win win. You will be saving years on the terms of your loan as well as saving money monthly. HARP 2.0, the new program has no LTV cap so even if DU or LP give you a different value you will be able to do a refinance there might be a small additional cost depending on the LTV.
Are USDA loans exclusively 640 minimum credit scores or is a 620 middle acceptable?
The minimum credit score is going to be a lender specific over lay. Most will be at 640 but I know some that can do down to 620. The issues may be the items that have brought your scores to the 620 level.
Any Wholesale lenders funding Freddie Mac OPen access Harp2.0?? in Florida
We are funding HARP 2.0 Freddie Mac deals as well. You can find a local branch near you.
what's maximum CLTV on Harp 2?
As long as you get the appraisal waiver on the Freddie Mac automated underwriting system you will have an unlimited CLTV
Harp refi lenders in AZ ?
My old boss does a wonderful job with HARP loans you can reach him at 623-399-6005 Jason Fremouw with Castle & Cooke Mortgage LLC
Broker made us sign loan app before giving us GFE/TIN
You are not obligated to use that broker. Most of the time the broker will need some kind of written proof that he has your autherization to pull the credit report. Some lenders have a seperate from and others use the loan application.
fha loan minimum
This will vary depending on the lender you use. We currently only lend down to 40k. I do know that some of the larger institutions have a lower limit
lowest down payment
Yep Travis has that correct there also some Down Payment assisatance programs out there depending on the local market that work as silent seconds to help with the down payment on FHA
Can we get a loan?
There is a lot of factors that will make a difference in if you can get a loan or not. Credit income and assets are the major factors but there will be case by case specifics that will factor into the picture
Lender wants full application for fees worksheet
Hey Roger,In today's market rates and fees can vary so much depending on a lot of factors so some lenders dont want to give fees and rates on a file that they have not seen the whole picture. That being said you should be able to get a general ball park of fees and rate from them with out giving a full app. ...
Homepath Mortgage Right For Us?
That will depend on many factors.
getting a loan
You are more than likely good to go. However there is always a chance that something could come up in the loan under writing process. More than likely your pre approval means that the loan officer has your credit income and assets ran thru their automated underwriting system.
va refinance
To do just a full refinance which will include appraisal income credit and asset analysis you do not need a current VA loan. However to do a VA interest rate reduction loan, their version of a streamline you will need to currently have a VA loan.
FHA streamline refinance with bad credit
The answer will vary depending on how baddly your credit has been impacted. Most lenders these days will need you to have a mid score over 620 to get the file done and some will want it to be higher to get the "prime" rate.
Are there any lenders that will lend in Texas for USDA loans with a middle credit score lower than 640? If so what is the lowest?
If you are that close to a 640 I bet with a small amount of quick work you could get your scores over the 640 mark. One of our Texas branches could work with you on something like this. Find the branch nearest to you.
refinance if co-borrower had bankruptcy 6 yrs ago, and has since walked away from the home
If you are trying to remove the former partner you will need to have a complete underwrite of the file but that persons BK should have no effect on you or your approval. Even if you do some kind of streamlined program and leave the partner on the loan unless there have been major problems with their credit...

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