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RJ Baxter's Answers

Can anyone help me with a high ltv program?
Do you know if your mortgage is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac serviced? If so, you may qualify under their high LTV refinance programs. You can check your mortgage for eligibility here:
How long will the rates remain this low? My option ARM expires in a few months. can i still ride it out?
There are a lot of difffering opinions about how long rates will remain low, but my opinion is that they are unlikely to go lower than right now. The government's mortgage-backed security purchase program, partially responsible for artificially lowering rates over the past year, is set to...
What are your VA Rates
Depends on a lot of factors- are you buying a home or refinancing? What state are you in?
What is the best way to finance a new home purchase and addition simultaneously?
You could use either an FHA 203K or Fannie Mae Homestyle renovation loan for that. Or there is always the home depot credit card!
Home Purchase in Colorado Springs, what are some possible rates?
What kind of a loan are you looking for (ie 30 year fixed)?

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