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Rob Ballance's Answers

could i go zero down for VA with a 620 credit score?>
Absolutely...Eagle Home Mortgage 919-594-6905
is there an option for fha that does not require mortgage insurance?
Depending on your location, household income and loan requirements, a USDA loan may be something to look into, it would greatly reduce the MI requirement.
Best rate on a VA loan for borrower with 670 credit?
The rate will be state specific, but you will definately qualify with a 670 score

It doesn't look like I got your complete question. All it says is "got all of that". You can email me at or call 919-594-6905
Just closed our VA purchase loan, how fast can we refi to the VA 5/1 ARM and get cash out
Did you do a 100% VA purchase? You can give me a call at 919-594-6905 Rob
does my 670 credit score make me subprime?
By no means is that put you in a subprime category. I have many options with scores down to 580. Feel free to give me a call me at 919-594-6905 and we can discuss your options with no obligation.Rob Ballance
How can I get help with mortgage payment reduction?
Give me a call and we can explore some possible options. I need to know more about your current loan.Rob BallanceNMLS 70392Eagle Home Mortgage919-594-6905
social security number
Call me 919.524.6651. I do not need a social for a quote.
can i put my daughter on the mortgage via a refinance?
This would not be a problem and it can be done with no closing costs. Give me a call and we can discuss your options. Rob Ballance 919-524-6651 or 919-594-6905
hello I am in NC and need to get a home loan FHA or other I only have a 577 Credit score can any approve me for a mortgage?
I have an FHA program that may be able to assist you, but it requires and down payment of 10%. We could look at your credit and maybe get the score up to 580 which would require a 3.5% down payment. Feel free to give me a call Rob 919-594-6905
Mortgage Application New Construction
Every lender handles things differently. They may not have a lock in option that covers as many days as you need. As far as the approval, that should be done within a 10 day period. Feel free to call me with any other questions. Rob 919-594-6905
Does my spouse's income count for a loan?
As long as your spouse meets the qualifications of the loan program that is being used. Credit score, time on the job, ect. I am local here in Raleigh, if you would like to discuss more specifics, fee free to give me a call at 919-594-6905 Rob
do I need a loan officer
If you are in need of a mortgage!
can i get a mortgage on a house without central heating
It would have to have a heat source permanently affixed to the home. but central heating is not a requirement.

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