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Robert Tyree's Answers

Anyone know of bridge loans or similar options available in South Carolina?
Have you considered doing an equity line on your current property? This could meet your needs for what you are trying to do. Thanks.
What are the essentials for getting a loan? Want to get the process rolling, but don;t know where to start...I'm confused
Charles, there are various forms of documentation required for the process depending on the program you are using to get financing. In relation to credit score and job history certain lenders including ourselves go down to a 580 score and the time on the job would depend if you have been in the industry...
Looking to refinance my 1st and 2nd to one payment with no out of pocket fees.
You can surely do that if the equity is there. If you took the 2nd out a different time than when you purchase it would be considered a cash out loan and the amount you can borrower vs what the home is worth would be limited more. I am a local SC full service Direct Lender (Homestar Financial) and would be happy...

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