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Rob Pucci's Answers

Currently looking to refinance a home, where do I begin?
Sure. If you can give me a call at 971-832-9108 or, I can work up something with you to see what can be done. All of your info you just wrote looks good on the surface, but we need to have a deeper conversation to flesh things out. Go ahead and give me a call now if you would like. ...
Being a single parent with an income over $85000 a year, can I get a loan with a fico score of 620?
You sure can. It would be an FHA loan. As long as we had 12 months of reasonably clean credit, it can be done. You can call me at 971-832-9108 or email me at Thanks!
What Credit Score is Needed for a HomePath Loan?
o620 FICO score needed to go to 80% LTV o660 FICO score needed to go above 80% LTV Give me a call at 971-832-9108 if you want to chat about it a tad bit more.
Why am I getting declined for a Harp 2.0 refinance through Freddie Mac's automated underwriting system.
I have found that the Freddie Mac system is very fickle. It can take a tweak here and a tweak there to make it work. I would guess that the right tweak has not been found. What is you credit profile like? That may play into it. Are they getting a straight up decline or a lower level approval? Some lenders will not...
Refi on Mfg home in Oregon
We have a couple lenders that will do FHA and portfolio loans on manufactured homes. It will depend on what you owe, and what the value of the home is, and your credit scores. You can call Rob Pucci at 971-832-9108 or email me at and we can discuss your scenario. We are based in...
loan rates for LLC home mortgage
Is this for business purposes or estate purposes? What is the reason it needs to be in a an LLC?
Who pays for closing costs during a short sale?
Either the buyer or seller can. It is up to the agreement the parties holding the note(s) in the short sale come up with. In my experience, many banks will lowball the amount they will pay. Some will pay nothing.
Commercial loan
Micheal has a good answer for you. I also have some lenders that will treat it as a commercial transaction (meaning it needs to cash flow) and can do it that way as well.
Refinance investment property even though we are living in it as a primary?
You should be fine, depending on the wording of any occupancy agreement you may have signed when you financed it originally. Check your financing documents for that. That should tell you if you are in the clear yet. Do you have that mailing address on pay-stubs and such? That would help as well, but since...
My mortgage is owned by Freddi Mac (settlement date 5/12/2009.
Yes, you should be fine, as long as we can get an automated approval when we run your file through the system. I have local lenders who are unlimited on the ltv, so that makes it easy on the value. We are located in Lake Oswego, and you can call me at 971-832-9108 or email me at,...
Question about USDA loan
Your credit score is great, but we need to get your debt to income ratio down. USDA has strict limits on that. Can you get a gift for the down payment from a relative, and go FHA? They allow a little higher on the ratios. If not, USDA is a good way to go but that ratio needs to come down to more near 41%. If you want to...
Can I refinance my investment properties?
If you do have properties that are HARP eligible, you can use them for investment properties. I also have a relationship with a bank that allows for more than 10 financed properties, as long as those properties are mostly in Oregon or SW Washington. We could take a look at the HARP ones (if they qualify)...
How can I refi an investment property with less than 20% LTV?
You should be able to do a HARP loan, as long as it qualifies. Rates are lower than what you have been quoted, but we need to find out when you took out your loan. It needs to be before June 1st, 2009. If you want, you can call me or shoot me an email and we can discuss. Rob Pucci at 971-832-9108 or...
Are there any lenders that can finance a mortgage with a middle score of 590?
Yes, we use a couple lenders that have no minimum. It all depends on your situation of course. Please feel free to email me your scenario or call me to discuss. Rob Pucci or 971-832-9108. Alliance Capital Partners is licensed in Oregon and Washington.
How long do I have to wait to get a home loan after foreclosing on my mortgage?
3 years from the date it was transferred out of your name to whomever took it back. I have a place that will help out if you have 35% down, but most folks do not have that when buying a new home. Make sure you keep an eye on your credit, keep it clean, and once the three year mark has passed, we can get to work on...
do you have to be underwater to qualify for harp 2 ?
You do not. You just need to have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan taken out before June 1st, 2009 to get started. I can help you determine if you do or do not have a loan of this type, and if your situation qualifies. Please give me a call at 971-832-9108 or email me at Thanks!
Can i get the lowest rates for a first home with a FICO 760 and my wive's 680?
We go off the middle of three and lower of two scores, depending on how many you have, and most everyone will take the lowest of those scores between two or more people on an application. Both of those scores are pretty darn good. You can give me a call at 971-832-9108 or shoot me an email at...
I am looking at buying a home in washington state using a USDA mortgage. DOes any one have a list of guidelines?
You need to buy a house in an eligible USDA area, which i can check for you. Its best to have a 620 score or above and we need to check your income as well to see if it meets the guidelines for your county. They also have strict debt to income ratios (how much income you have coming in, vs how much in debt you have...
If I only have 5% to put down can I get an FHA loan?
Yes. You can get by with only 3.5% down depending on your credit score. What part of WA are you looking to buy in? That may open up some alternative options as well. Please give me a call at 971-832-9108 and I can go over those options and get you started down the right path. Thanks! Rob Pucci NMLS 97951

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