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The staff at Mortgage First and myself will always be available to answer questions, update you on your loan progress, and explain any details of your loan that you will need answered. You will never have to wait to get a call back from anyone at Mortgage First, someone is always available.

Our processing individuals in the processing department have been in the mortgage business for over 20 years, and are experts in all aspects of the mortgage processsing. So you will have the best and most efficient individuals working on your loan to get your purchase or refinancing done with the least amount of work or effort required on your part.

Mortgage First is also committed to getting our customers the lowest rates and the least amount of closing costs fees required for any loans that we close for our customers. We have available all loans that are in todays mortgage lending field, and can aquire them at the best rates and fees than any other lender. Our margin for loans is by far the lowest in the mortgage lender field.

No matter if you are doing an owner occupied 1st or 2nd home or a non-owner occupied investment property, we are able and will get the best conventional mortgage product available for your loan scenario.

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