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Ron Sadaka's Answers

Jumbo loan
Yes, We do 65 to 70% LTV on Jumbos up to $3 million.Call for details. 561-252-0432Ron Sadaka
Are these any lenders that would provide a loan for my buyer that does not have seasoning issues?
FHA has eliminated seasoning requirements, if the property and buyer qualify for FHA. The challenge is finding an FHA lending institution that will favor the FHA requirements over its own in-house underwriting guidelines. A good mortgage broker that has multiple lenders might have one...
HARP 2 Refi almost $8500 to close
No No No!!! Go back to your original lender and get a quote there first. Then try someone local. Those coasts are INSANE!
I had a home built almost 7 years ago. I got married almost 6 years ago.
If I understand your motivation, it's to keep your existing house as a rental and buy another primary residence, with your husband on the deed and mortgage. The short answer to your question is 'Yes!" Is your husband on the deed? In most cases "1st-time homebuyer" means...
If I filled chapter 13 can I refinance my home with you?
As you might have heard by now, it all depends in when the BK was discharged or how long you have been complying with the trustee's payment requirements. Let me know if I can help.Ron Sadaka561-252-0432
If my house is being foreclosed, is it too late to sell it?
A few things we need to know. 1. What is the house worth (assuming a 30 to 60-day sale), 2. What do you owe the bank? 3. Have they obtained a summary judgment yet - Is there a sale date scheduled? 4. Have you put it on the market or received any offers? If it's going to be a short-sale (selling for less than you...

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