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I have been managing bank owned mortgage firms for 10 of my 12 years in Mortgage Banking. Roles from Director of Sales, Branch Manager, and Production Manager have prepared me very well for any market climate, and particularly allows for my clients to benefit from these years of experience in navigating the current market environment.

I believe strongly that the role of a Mortgage Banker is to educate and guide borrowers through every step of the financing process.

While guiding the client, it is also important to keep the information flowing freely, and continuously to all of the parties included. This factor alone can make or break a home purchase process flow, as there are typically 7 parties involved in a purchase transaction.

I have spent 12 years perfecting this process for EVERY client. Many Mortgage Bankers focus on a certain "level" of client, I do not. Every client is treated with the same respect and given the attention that they deserve.

The bank I work for is Vantage Point Bank. We are an FDIC institution that lends in all fifty states.

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