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Saleem Attaie's Answers

Can a fha mortgage be with an LLC Corporation
no. fha loans are only for a real live human.........
I'm at 115% LTV, of which 35% is a second. 1st at 4.5%, 2nd at 7.5%. Any chance to refi? Maybe with a smaller 2nd. Have $20K cash.
i may be able to help you qualify for the HARP loan. This loan will refinance both into one loan with a low rate regardless of your value. please start my going here to to see if you are eligible. Please can contact me at 415-580-2262 or
Is my bank miscalculating my ARM rate?
Hi Ddevine3388, lets get your ? answered. The forms that deal with Rate changes are in the following forms only: "NOTE", "ARM Rider". The HUD statement only shows details of loan cost and nothing about Rate or any loan specifics. I am curious why are you worried about the floor, when the rates are rising...

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