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Sara Deere's Blog

$500 Closing Credit!
Updated Jan. 6, 2014
Open Mortgage is running a special for first time home buyers through the end of March 2014. If you are a first time home buyer, you maybe eligible to receive a $500 credit towards closing costs. Open Mortgage originates, underwrites, and funds in its own name which allows us to get most loan transactions completed...
600 FICO
Updated Jan. 21, 2014
Do you or know someone who might have not so perfect credit? Why do I ask??? Open Mortgage has residential mortgage programs available for those with a mid FICO score of 600. Open Mortgage does everthing from start to finish in our name, so transactions get completed as quick as possible. Contact me today, so I can...
Updated Jan. 21, 2014
Attention Realtors! Open Mortgage completed 29 reverse mortgage purchase transactions during 2013. The reverse mortgage purchase total was around 6 million dollars in volume. Would you like to know how to get a part of 2014 reverse mortgage purchase money? When the refinance rates start to creep up, you can...
Updated May. 15, 2014
June 2014 Special! Attention to anyone who works in the community service industries -- police, fire, teachers, etc. Open Mortgage is offering a $500.00 credit to help pay a portion of the closing costs..
Residential mortgage loan
Updated Jun. 19, 2014
There is still time to start the application process if you or you know someone who works in a fire department, police station, emergency medical technician, paramedics, in a private-public-or parochial school setting that is looking to purchase or refinance. The $500 credit towards closing costs is also...
Back to School Closing Credit!
Updated Aug. 12, 2014
A closing credit is available to those who apply from now until the end of this September who are currently or retirees from a school setting. The closing credit is available on all residential mortgage products through Open Mortgage. Contact me today, if you would like to start the application process..
Need a construction loan?
Updated Sep. 26, 2014
Open Mortgage now offers construction to permanent loan programs available in thirty states across the United States. New home builder's I can help you directly in Kansas and Missouri throughout the entire loan process..
VA Special!
Updated Nov. 13, 2014
Apply for a residential mortgage loan program the month of November. If you are a current or former Veteran a closing credit is available. Open Mortgage is a residential lender with many programs available at very competitive rates..
Purchase or Refinance
Updated Apr. 29, 2015
Did you know that an eligible borrower can now obtain a reverse mortgage through Michigan Mutual? I am licensed in KS and MO and can be reached at 816-600-4424..
203K loan
Updated Jun. 25, 2015
Would you like to buy a home that needs a little work. You might consider the FHA 203K loan program. Michigan Mutual is a leader in FHA 203k loan programs. I can be reached at 816-600-4424..
203K Loans
Updated Jun. 26, 2015
Are you afraid of purchasing that needs a little work? Do you know the difference between a Streamline 203K and a Full 203K? Listed are some of the differences between the Streamline 203K and Full 203K.. For a Streamline 203K the minimum credit score required is a mid 640, and for a Full 203K the minimum credit score...
Mortgage payoff
Updated Jul. 28, 2015
If you would like to see the difference between putting a little extra each month or making one time annual extra mortgage payment to the principal could do, then go to .

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