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Scott Irvine's Answers

Can I get an FHA Loan even if I've already bought a house?
Dennis,Depending on what county you are in you maybe be eligilbe for a USDA which requires no money down or FHA which is only 3.5%. With you credit score and the 25k you have many options to choose from. If you have a moment and would like to discuss your current situation and objectives I would be happy to...
a point is a quarter of percent is this right ?
Depending on the day the costs for securign a 1pt lower rate varies. If you would like to find out the exact cost based onn today's rate please feel free to give me a call. Scott Irvine201-344-0154c.
Odds of getting a mortgage?
The gentlmen below is correct you should be able to secure financing based on the information provided. I am very familar with Ithaca, I am currently in sullivan county and origianlly from Rochester. I would suggest finding a local mortgage broker or local bank who has knowlodge of FHA or even USDA...
I have a 650 credit score..What is the rate I would get for a 30 year VA Home Loan?
based on today's rate yuou would receive a 3.625% rate with no points in NY on VA loan for a single family home or condo. If you have further questiosnplease feel to reach out ot me 845-856-2619scott@mortgage-me.usThank You Scott Irvine
My credit score is low low and due to divorce i have to sell my home if i cant get his name off 2nd mortgage?
Dear Raceland,Its not a lender who can, its a program, Depending on your situation and property. I can review the program with your and see if it is a good fit for
US citizen, living overseas with foreign income, looking for mortgage in Florida, US- can i qualify?
Dear cynthia,Its not a lender who can its a program, Depending on your situation and property. I can review the program with your and see ifit is a good fit for
Here is my question-Lending Company who offers LTV higher than 85%
Dear Imani 1,Its not a lender who can its a program, Depending on your situation and property. I can review the program with your and see ifit is a good fit for
Is 90 days a reasobable timeframe for refinancing a mortgage?
That is extremely long for a refinance. Especially with your credit score. However credit unions are notoriously slower than mortgage brokers. If you like give me a calland we caqn review your full situation and I can give you options. Scott Irvine845-856-2619 O.
A fee to the real estate broker or another mortgage broker?
How can I refinace with no equity
Iselin,There is a new prgoram rolling out in mid march that maybe able to help in your stiuation. The guidelines shouldbe available 3/15 if you like to reach me then will can discuss your options.Scott@mortgage-me.us201-344-0154c.
Why are such high credit scores required??
David, I have FHA lender who will go below 640, if you want to call me with the full picture I can see what optios you may have. As for the 640 fico requirement vs FHA's FHA set gudielines only they do not directly lend. The lenders put inplace their own more restrictive guideliens to...
Refinance - single family mortgage
Reesep,I would recommend a FHA 203K loan which will lower your interest rate and allow you to take monies to remodel your home at the same time.Please feel free to reach to me to discuss in more details.Scott IrvineScott@mortgage-me.us845-856-2619
With excellent credit & solid 65 - 70% LTV, & The only refi stumbling block of DTI, Any idea who will refi a priv mortgage .
I have lenders in NY area who will consider such loan refinances. I would need to know the actually scenario in order to purpose it to the lender. They are conventional portfolio Lenders. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss further. Scott
can husband refinance the home without wife consent?
well with the limited informationa bout the legal perameters of this situation, He could if he was the only owner of the property, however if you are on the deed thn no he could not in normal circumstances. There maybe some scenarios he could but you need to seek legal advice on this matter not financial.
Looking to purchase a house - PA - 599 middle FICO
I would suggest looking into a lender who does USDA Rural housing loans, depending on the area in PA you maybe able to utilize their loan programs.scott@mortgage-me.usif you have any further questions.

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