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Scott Bible's Answers

Using mortgage broker versus banker?
That is a great question. I have to agree with Cody. I don't think you will necessarily save money with a broker. I suspect you pay more upfront in origination to compensate the broker. I'm biased as well perhaps. I'm a mortgage banker as well but we also can broker out loans on occasion when the need arises. I...
Looking for a jumbo loan after a short sale
Our lowest waiting period after short sale for a jumbo at the company I work: Eagle Home Mortgage, 512-299-0616, here in Austin, Tx, is 4 years. One suggestion would be to look at a smaller loan amount and get an FHA loan. The loan limit in my area is around 330k so you could find something close to jumbo size...
Right now I have a HAMP @2% which will be changing next year, should I try to get a VA loan now. I used VA for my first home.
If you can qualify for a VA after doing the HAMP and you've completed any required trial period then it's something you could look into. You could find out the caps on how high your current loan could adjust to first bc it would have to adjust alot to go above current 30 year rates. I'm not an expert on HAMP...

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