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C2 Financial is one of the largest mortgage companies with over 70 branch offices located throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. You can feel confident in knowing that we are approved with all key federal & state associations and are A Rated & Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. C2 is managed by principals of the former 2nd largest mortgage brokerage in the U.S. with 62 years of combined experience. C2 closes approximately 90 million dollars per month in volume.

C2's strength is derived from its established relationships within the mortgage industry. Because of our massive volume, we are able to negotiate preferred interest rates and service with our lender partners. By representing the top wholesale banks and lenders in the country, C2 is able to offer a variety of loan programs to meet the financial needs of virtually any homeowner. Headquartered in San Diego California, C2 Financial Corp is an innovative mortgage company that provides superior pricing without sacrificing the service, knowledge, or expertise.

C2 Financial Products

1. Purchase Loans
2. Refinance Loans
3. Jumbo Loans
4. Debt Consolidation
5. No-Cost Loans
6. Reverse Mortgages
7. Govt. Loans- FHA, VA, USDA

Thanks to California's new Carbon Monoxide Poison Prevention act Senate Bill SB-183 this has become a reality. As of July 2011 all single family homes with an attached garage must have a carbon monoxide detector...
The short answer is "Yes" but I would not recommend it. Occasionally, this will come up for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have a vacation planned or there is a family emergency or last minute business trip that you cannot...
We are officially in Tax filing season and many homeowners need to be sure they benefit from all of mortgage related tax deductions. One of those tax benefits is the ability to deduct Mortgage Insurance premiums. Homeowners...
Mortgage Related Tax Deductions It's that time of year again, tax time. Most people dread getting their taxes filed including myself but if you are a homeowner there are plenty of beneficial tax deductions to take....

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