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Scott McPherson's Blog

Mortgage Related Tax Deductions
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
Mortgage Related Tax DeductionsIt's that time of year again, tax time. Most people dread getting their taxes filed including myself but if you are a homeowner there are plenty of beneficial tax deductions to take. Let's review to make sure you are aware of all the mortgage related deductions so you...
Mortgage Insurance Tax Deductible or Not?
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
We are officially in Tax filing season and many homeowners need to be sure they benefit from all of mortgage related tax deductions. One of those tax benefits is the ability to deduct Mortgage Insurance premiums. Homeowners need to be sure they are eligible to deduct their mortgage insurance by checking with the...
Out of the Country.. Can I close my Loan?
Updated Oct. 24, 2014
The short answer is "Yes" but I would not recommend it. Occasionally, this will come up for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have a vacation planned or there is a family emergency or last minute business trip that you cannot miss. Whatever the reason, it happens, and you should know what your options are.. Option 1- Power...
Carbon Monoxide Detector's Now Required for Loan Approval
Updated Oct. 24, 2014
Thanks to California's new Carbon Monoxide Poison Prevention act Senate Bill SB-183 this has become a reality. As of July 2011 all single family homes with an attached garage must have a carbon monoxide detector installed inside of the house.. How will the lender know if I have a Carbon Monoxide Detector? ....
Kiss your mortgage insurance good bye
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
The southern California housing market has been on a rising price trend over the past year like many other housing markets across the country. Southern California's median home price registered a sizable 19.6% pop in December 2012 when compared with the same month in 2011, to hit $323,000. The recent...

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