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Scott Campbell's Answers

will a 20% down payment for fha mean no mortgage insurance?
It will not. Mortgage insurance on an FHA loan will be there for the life of the loan, regardless of the down payment.
how can i find out the FHA loan limits for my area?
use the follosing web site:
are fha 203k loans given for 713 credit scores?
Yes. A 713 score is fine for a 203-K. Our minimum score is 640
I have a home in North Carolina and I live in South Carolina. I rent it and need to refi. lots of foreclosures around it. Ltv>
You may be able to get a streamline refinance. What king of loan do you currently have? Is it canventional, FHA, etc?
What are the popular mortgage programs on second home in a different state?
Second homes would need to be purchased with a conventional loan. That would generally require a minimum 5% down payment.
Does a doublewide have to be detitled for you to make the loan?
Yes. The manufactured home would need to be detitled prior to closing.
Are VA cashout refinances allowed for low equity?
The maximum loan to value on a cash out VA loan is 100%.

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