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Shawn Custis's Answers

I need a lender for an FHA streamline refi on a rental property in Ohio
I can help you. Im right down the road in Loveland. You can call 513-683-7283 or email me if you want.
Do I change the lender because of higher interest rate?
Most likely the rate was quoted to get you to proceed. Once you do, then you would be passed along to someone else that would tell you the rate is higher because of the day and time it was quoted. You would most likely end up with the same rate. Stay where you are as you probably feel comfortable with them so far...
10% down Jumbo programs in OH
Absolutely! I deal with a bank that offers 10% down, one loan, jumbo programs with great rates. Credit and income must be in line as well. (513) 683-7283 Shawn Custis MB.804133 NMLS # 55764. I'm located in Cincinnati.
With a 670 credit score should i qualify for a FHA loan and what would i be looking at for a down payment? $71,000 home loan
you would qualify for an FHA. Why put money down. Get a grant for NO money down. There are some restrictions though. We could discuss if you like. Thanks Shawn
Will I be able to get a home loan if my income varies greatly? I am on a base + commission structure, so it really depends on the month.
use the base income and then take an average of the commission. That will be the number they use to calculate your ratios. you can run a quick prequalify if you want.
On the loan but on on title, can I still refi?
on the loan but not on title? yes you can but you will have to be added to title

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