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Scott Drilling's Answers

What is better for the long term, cash-out refinance or HELOC?
Cash-out refinance is much better. You will get a fixed rate & payment vs. prime + .25-1.00. The heloc would be great in the fact that you can pay the balance down and use the line again and again as needed. Feel free to email me directly if you should have any follow up questions.sdrilling@myeaglelending...
Looking at new construction in north Georgia. My husband, the sole income provider, has a FICO middle score of 608.
I might be able to assist you with that. Please call me for more details at 678-455-0797.
Which is better for a first time home buyer, conventional or FHA?
Conventional is always the best way to go if you have a 680 score or higher and 3.5% or more to put down. Give me a call at 678-455-0797 and I can give you a fee sheet so you can see why. Scott
Is it possible to get a 'no-cost' refinance or is this a myth?
Katarina, I have been doing true, no closing costs loans for over 20 years. We actually specialize in those types of loans. If you are interested in a free loan proposal, please give me a call at 1-866-455-8228 and I will gladly send you a fee sheet.Thanks!Scott Drilling-PresidentEagle Lending
Are there anyways to get around a mortgage with no income showing for self employed
SolomonGabe, The answer below from Brad606 is not completely correct. There is a loan program for self-employed individuals like yourself whereby you can qualify on 24 months of bank statements, as long as you have a 680 credit score or better and 20% down payment or more. Hopefully this will give you a...
Hi there, I just got a personal loan to consolidate our debt, we really want to buy a house instead of renting... my husband suggested we should wait for few monrths before apply for mortgage loan since our credit was just pulled few days ago, what is your opioon on this?
No better time than the present to get qualified! Housing inventory is going down and prices & rates are going up. If you have a small down payment, a credit score above 640 and verifiable income give me a call at 1-866-455-8228 and I will make every effort to get you pre-qualified for a home loan...
Where is the mortgage calculator which allows the specified payment to determine length of loan?
You can find a mortgage payment calculator at
Getting a refinance with a 670 credit score?
Absolutely you can refinance to a lower rate with a 670 score. For example, today's 30 year rate with that score would be 4.375% with 0 points and a 15 year rate would be 3.125%. This obviously would depend on the loan to value and property type, so please give me a call so that we discuss the details. My # is...
What happens if you refinance and then a year later you sell?
Yes, the closing costs on a refinance are paid upfront and you will not that money back. It usually takes about 2 years to recover the investment of your closing costs when lowering your rate. If you would like more information on refinancing or getting pre approved for your next home purchase, you can...
credit score required for HARP refi
The min. credit score with us is a 640. I am a local Georgia, wholesale mortgage broker with 21+ years experience and a A+ rating with the BBB offering the lowest rates and least fees. If I can be of service to you, please give me a call at 404-456-7367 anytime or email me with other questions at...
what r my chances of doing a loan no insurance w/ 683 fico
We have loan programs with as little as 5% down with NO PMI. Email me at for more details.
Looking for the best 15-year va refi rates. Streamline we have already va
Genevie,We specialize and offer some of the lowest V.A. streamline rates in the country. I would love to quote you a rate. I am available 9am till 9pm est., so please give me a call on my cell phone at 404-456-7367 now if I can assist you. Scott Drilling.We are a A+ rated BBB member.
I would like to refi in Atlanta an under water. Please help...
The HARP loan was designed specifically for borrowers just like you. If you would like to see if you qualify for the HARP loan, please reach out to me at 678-455-0797 and I can let you know in 5-10 minutes.
what is a cash out refinancw
A cash-out refinance is a mortgage loan whereby, you refinance your home to take equity out to consolidate debts, do home improvement, combine a 1st & 2nd mtg. loan or use the cash out for whatever a variety of other reasons.

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