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Shashank Shekhar's Answers

Do you do 80-10-10 loans
We at Arcus Lending recently launched the 80/10/10 loan program. You can read all the details on the loan program at email us at
Salaried employee with commission and bonus - applying for FHA
You should have earned bonus from the same employer for last 2 years to be counted towards qualifying income.
What is the difference between a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker?
Mortgage Bankers would usually process, underwrite and fund the loans inhouse and then sell the loan to a lender/investor later. Mortgage brokers are intermediary between borrowers like you and several banks. Mortgage bankers have more control of the loan process, while mortgage brokers may have...
Yes, we are. However, we are only licensed in CA, WA and OR. Our maximum loan amount (1st+2nd) is $750,000.
can i buy a home with a bankruptcy
This should answer your question -

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