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Shaun Fischer's Answers

I did an 80% 1st - 20% 2nd when I bought my condo in 2006
Lenders give loans based on three circumstances loan to value, credit and income. If anyone of these are compromised it can be challenging to get lenders to finance. If your credit scores are in the the low 600's there are many things you can do to get it up to at least 620. 5.5% is high for a loan that was...
ido you do medical office build-outs for MD tenants? if so what rate on a 10 year term
I also do residential but your rate is dependent on how safe the bank will view the borrower.
What kind of debt do lenders consider when issuing loans?
For a residential loan phone bills and car insurance would not be included, credit cards and car loans would be included.
I bought a house 3 yrs ago. I'm able to refinance at 3.3% but for 30 years. Is this wise?
Most likely your rate is now is at least 4.5% or more. If that is true, it would be wise to refinace. The general rule of thumb is that if you can save more than 1 percent on your on your rate you should. The next step would to be find a mortgage professional with the lowest rates and fees.
I want to know if i could get a mortgage with only being out of bankruptcy for a year?
You will have to wait at least another year depending on the type of BK.
Credit scores??
Those credit scores should be a good ballpark. A hard pull is always more accurate but if you have a good score via a website you should be ok to start the process to qualify for a loan.
Mortgage company screwed up my escrow transfer is now lying
If it is a refi you will have 3 days to cancel the loan. Otherwise get help from the title company or a lawyer to make sure everything is compliant.
How many points is normal to pay for a refi?
Yes there are plenty of no points options if you like. You can give me a call at 773-739-5157 or email me at to discuss.

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