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Simon Nwoke's Answers

Home loans and defaulted student loans
If your student loan can be brought current, I do FHA 580 score with compensating factors. Give a call to discuss.Thank you
Need to refinance after a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy discharge in Nov 2012! 9.75% HELP! Chicago...
FHA allows refinancing of your mortgage after completion of chapter 13. You don't have to wait for 2 years.However, your credit score have to meet minimum requirement. Call me for further questions.Thanks
Can I get approved with a middle credit score of 623 in illinos for an fha mortgage?
Yes, you can get FHA loan with 623 middle score. If your bankruptcy was chapter7, you have to wait two years. If it was chapter13, you can buy now.Call me to discuss further.Thanks.
Do I qualify for the Harp 2.0, and if so who can I call? I have had no luck w/ BOA only because of lpmi.
If your loan was done before 2009, you can qualify for HARP. We do allow mortgage insurance transfers. Call me to discuss further.Thanks, Simon
I filed bankruptcy and it was discharged in January of 2012. I've since purchased a vehicle and paid one off one
If your bankruptcy was chapter 13, you can buy now through FHA. If it was chapter7, you have to wait till Jan 2014 to get FHA loan.Thanks
can a seller pay buyer's closing cost under a VA short sale?
Yes, seller can pay closing cost. But the short sale Lender has to approve it based on what it wiil accept as the sales price.
are you license in new jersey
I do loans only in GA
What is better for the long term, cash-out refinance or HELOC?
From a cost point of view, Heloc closing cost is cheaper in the short term. In the long term, it is more expensive than a regular cash out refinance. Heloc is just like a credit card unless you pay it off in full.In the long term, I will recommend cash out Refinance because it is a regular mortgage and you will...
Can I get a 5% down 30 year fixed mortgage with a 640 credit score?
Yes, you can get a 30 year fixed mortgage with a 640 middle score ,either FHA or Conventional. I am a direct mortgage lender with FHA and FANNIE MAE. We close loans in less than 21 days. Call me at 478-320-4152Thanks
If I switch lenders after an appraisal, do I need to get a new one or is there a time limit?
FHA appraisals can be transfered as long as it is less than 120 days old. Conventional may or may not be transfered. It depends on the lender. Give me a call. I can help you 478-320-4152
Can I use my commercial equity for a down payment to buy a house.
You have to show two years f tax returns showing the rental income. your down payment has to be seasoned. Call or email to discuss.
I need to know if i can get a loan with a 608 credit score ?
I can help you with loan. I do FHA down to 580 scores . Call me at 478-330-6382 or email me through this site.Thanks
Is there a way to get a HARP refinance if my mortgage isn't owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?
Your mortgage must be owned by either Freddie or Fannie.But stay tuned for 3.00.
Looking at new construction in north Georgia. My husband, the sole income provider, has a FICO middle score of 608.
I can do the construction permanent loan . The score is too low for construction loan. But if the builder can get the loan to build, I can do the permanent loan to pay off the builder. Call me at 478-330-6352
Which is better for a first time home buyer, conventional or FHA?
FHA is better. Easier to qualify and lower down payment. Please call me to discuss further. 478-330-6382 or apply at
Can I refinance my mortgage after bankruptcy?
Yes, you can refinance your mortgage after bankruptcy. FHA requires two years for chapter 7. For Conventional loan, you have to wait for 4 years. Call me to look at your loan scenario. Or apply at
Georgia - I make aprox 90, 000 yr. Have no money to put down. Where do I begin?
FHA will allow you to put down as little as 3.5% down payment. The seller can pay closing cost for you. Some lenders will pay all your closing cost. Call or visit my website for more information.I will be glad to give you a free pre-Approval.
will I get financed despite having bought a car 5 months ago?
Depending on your credit score and debt to income ratio , Yes you can be financed.Call me to discuss 478-330-6382

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