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Can someone explain what is driving rates so low?
Good afternoon,rates fluctuate based on the conditions of the Mortagage Backed Securities, and the MBS market typically follows the US Treasury bond markets. Well, if there are weak economic signs(exampled toady bad GDP and jobless claims #s) then that can cause a flight to quality, or people...
If I take a 401K loan for buying home will it affect the bank loan?
Taylor10, this is the best possible way to use your 401 k for the down payment and NO since you are borrowing the money from yourself and paying back yourself the payment is not factored in as a debt against you for qualifying purposes. I highly recommend this approach - much better for you to pay interest...
Income determination question
2007 income will not even come in to play today- we go off the last 2 years- so to qualify we will use your year to date in 2011 going back to years to 2010 and 2009please feel free to call us at 866-445-3765 and a loan consultant can assist you further
Will mortgage rates continue to go down?
I would receommend doing a NO COST refinance-meaning; we can lower your rate and/or term with zero closing costs- that way if rates continue down further you could always redo the loan at the lower ratefeel free to call us 866-445-3765 or visit our website at www.bedrocklending.comor your could call...
Can I get a loan without 20% down?
Yes - you only have to be 3 years from the actual date of the short sale And assuming you have job stability and debt to income ratios are in line then you will qualify today ! :) - Sonny

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