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Spencer Packer's Answers

Is it possible to rent out my home (with an underwater mortgage) and still qualify for a mortgage on a new home?
Linda,Assuming that you qualify for the new mortgage loan, yes. If you would like to review your situation further, please contact me at 801-391-2273. Thank you,Spencer Packer
loan programs for relocation
Carlotta,I have a product that will allow you to close up to 60 days prior to starting your new job. You will need an executed employment contract. Is this what you are referring to when you say "Job relocation assistance"?Thank you,Spencer801-391-2273
my father passed away with mortgage insurance, does that pay off the mortgage balance
Unfortunately no. Mortgage insurance protects the lender in case of default. If payments stop being made, the bank takes the house back and the mortgage insurance company pays a lump sum to the bank so that they can unload the house more easily. Is there anyone on the mortgage/title that is living? It may...
Wats my best mortgage probly if I have 682 credit?
It depends on a couple of factors like, loan size, down payment amount, etc. My name is Spencer Packer, I am a local North Ogden mortgage professional. I can be contacted directly at Please send me a private email if you would like me to run some scenarios for you! Thanks!

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