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Jim Steinberg's Answers

VA home loan with 695 credit in Ohio
Hello, My name is Jim Steinberg and I am licensed a mortgage banker with Citizens Home Loans of America. 695 is a great score for a VA loan. If you are looking for a purchase loan we can get you a 100% loan with no down payment and no costly PMI.If you are looking to refinance, we can also do a 100% loan with no PMI....
If I am pre-approved, how long does it take to get final loan approval?
Jim Steinberg 513-667-6603 Usually in as soon as thirty days. We are doing one presently that is an emergency and it is taking about 10 days. Needed it done before the New Years and we are getting it done for them.
Will I pay a higher interest rate using a mortgage broker? Should I just call around myself?
Broker for sure. They have access to multiple lenders who have different rates and more flexible programs that can also get you better rates under certain conditions that banks won't do at me at 513-667-6603 and I can show you.Jim Steinberg
Commercial Property
Yes, we do these loans. Please call me to discuss. Jim Steinberg 513-771-9199 ext. 201. I am located close in Cincinnati, Ohio.Thank you
I am upside down on my loan by $200k and my loan is set to reset next year. Can anyone help?!
Do you have an FHA loan by chance. Opened before May 31, of 2009?

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