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Stephen Makia's Answers

How long do i wait before i can sell my house with an fha loan?
Hey Linda, I have to agree with Dave on this, as far as you've been there ideally for more than 90 days, you should be able to sell your house without any problem. FHA is pretty flexible. If you need someone to help you with that, contact me at 909-641-9980 or go to my website @ www.westinmortgage...
Considering current market rates, is now the best time to lock or are rates likely to get better than this?
Hey Brett, I personally would wait until the debt ceiling issue in Washington is resolved. My reason would be that, there's still a small portion of rates that needed to be taken off the current rates. That is because, the noises of the unknown decision from government possible shut down is still in...
Can you float down to a lower rate more than once? are there exceptions
It is very unlikely because this is at a disadvantage to the lender, that is why most lenders do not allow floating. Like James said, if you got it once, grab it and be contend. Thanks Alison.
did Harp 3 pass yet??
not to my knowledge

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