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Winning with Northpointe and Steve Jackson

With over 25 years in residential lending experience, I offer a high level of lending expertise to my borrowers and referral partners. Further, I work to enhance the lives to those that I work with. With proven strategies that are time tested as well as those that take advantage of the very latest in today's ever changing social media and technological landscapes.

I teamed with Northpointe Bank because PROCESS makes PERFECT! At Northpointe Bank, we've streamlined the home loan process to give you more insight, making it faster and easier from application through loan closing!

We LOVE making things simple.

Your loan will be ready to close your SimpleLoan within 15 business days of a completed application or you'll receive a $300.00 rebate!

Client Checklist

After loan application and once you receive all required application disclosures, I will request the following documentation:

  • Signed Loan Disclosures
  • Application Deposit of $400 (No appraisal fee is collected upfront)
  • Last two years W-2's
  • Two most recent paystubs
  • Last two months asset verification / bank statements, money market, etc...
  • If receiving Social Security, most recent SSI award letter
  • Name and phone number of your homeowner's agent
  • Any further documentation that is requested from you by your loan officer
  • Prompt communication with your third party appraiser

While most lenders only offer a pre-qualification based on general terms, Northpointe's PRE-APPROVAL program is SPECIFIC to YOU and YOUR circumstances!, offering qualified applicants a complete credit approval! This allows you to shop for your new home with confidence and the negotiating power to buy it for the right price! In addition, as a Northpointe Bank home loan client, you'll have access to Northpointe Bank's high-interest checking and savings accounts!

As one of the nation's premier mortgage lending banks, Northpointe offers a wide variety of loan programs, including; ONE TIME construction to permanent financing, aggressively priced Jumbo loans to $3,000,000, ZERO down Equity Builder loans (20 year term). Further, we offer the All in One Loan which helps accelerate your home's payoff while still giving you access to your home's equity without refinancing! Our lending options don't stop there, we also offer all conforming loan products with NO OVERLAYS! In addition, we offer FHA, VA and USDA financing! Lastly, we also offer Non-Warrantable Condominium loans, 0% Down Doctor Loans with NO MI, 3% Professional loans with NO MI, Home Ready, Investment Properties, Fresh Start Programs, and expanded access programs that feature bank statement qualification for loans up to $1,00,000!


Not all products are available in all states. *For SimpleLoan eligible loan applications, Northpointe Bank will issue a Clear-to-Close status within 15 business days from the receipt of the borrower's complete application (signed disclosure package and income documents) or rebate the borrower $300.00. Contact your loan advisor for program details. SimpleLoan is not a loan commitment and all application are subject to credit review and approval. Denied, canceled, or withdrawn loan applications are not eligible for SimpleLoan.

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By kakolictg104 on April 15, 2021
He will do the impossible to get the deal to close and to make the clients happy! Steve will keep you updated all the time. Very knowledgeable and intelligent.
Working with Steve Jackson was great! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a loan. He kept me informed the entire way, thoroughly explained the process, and we were able to close early!

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