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Steve Vaserman's Answers

FHA w/ 608 credit score...anyone doing these?
Consider Rapid Rescore when you speak with your broker/lender. You can dramatically improve your scores within 72 hours.Steve
Can I refinance without 20% equity in my home?
With your situation there are many refinancing options. Considering today's rates you should definitely look into it as soon as possible.Steve Vaserman
FHA loan after banktrupcy
I'm assuming you are talking about ch7. In that case, you will have to wait 2 years from discharge date and 3 years if home went into foreclosure. I think you would know though if your home went into foreclosure.Thanks,Steve
Are you kidding me?
Can you share a link to this.
mortgage company lied to me and now they are saying my escrow is short
Is this a question? There is a lot of information missing here. Is it possible that your taxes or insurance has fluctuated?

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