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Toni Taylor's Answers

Can you get mortgage refinancing with a 710 credit score?
Tom as John mentioned your score is good and well within the range needed for a refinance.. The next step will include making sure that the refinance will give you an improvement and make sense specific to you.. We want to look at your current rate to the new rate, the remaining term of your current loan to the...
down payment assistance for conventional loan
Carl,Actually rates on FHA are typically lower.. The bigger differences will be regarding the mortgage insurance.. There are often times i'm able to absorb some of your cost thru the loan.. If you would like to explore feel free to give me a call at 561-373-0371Toni Taylor GibsonInlet Mortgage Corp
what if there is issues with permits, and wood rot
FHA will unfortunately have problems with this. Fha will not allow a conversion on the garage unless it was permitted, it would have to be returned to it's original state. If the appraiser makes mention of any wood rot in the appraisal its likely that this would need to be handled as well. If it's a small...
do townhomes have different down payment requirements?
There are several options depending upon your credit. . There are programs with small down payments and no mortgage insurance available.. I'm local in Jupiter.Inlet Mortgage 561-373-0371Toni Taylor Gibson
Made an offer on a home 3 days ago, only to find out later the roof is 25 years olf and in desperate need of repair!
You could buy the home with a rehab mortgage and get the new roof. Negotiate your purchase price based on this information and if you're within your inspection period you should fine to walk away if you choose but if you love the home look at 203K and Homestyle renovation loans. If we can help 561-207-8049
i'm on the note but not on the deed can i refinace the note
Good morning - you would definately need to be on the deed in order to refinance but that can be done in the process. We would love to assist. 561-207-8049 - We are a Florida Mortgage Company.

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